234 Days to 4th of July!!

Bear Kat Fireworks vendors the highest quality fireworks brands such as Black Cat, Brothers, World Class, Winda, Legend, Shogun, Cutting Edge, Sky Bacon and more.

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At Bear Kat Fireworks we love all types of fireworks. Over the years we have much enjoyment operating our seasonal retail fireworks stand at the Anoka County Fairgrounds! Thank you to our customers for another successful June and July season. Even though our store is closed we still sell safe and sane fireworks in the off season by appointment such as small and large fountains, cone fountains, illuminating torches, wheels, ground spinners and flash strobes. Don't forget our novelty items such as sparklers, morning glories, snakes, glow worms, smoke bombs, trick noisemakers, paper streamers, party poppers, string poppers, snappers and drop pops.


Our store at Anoka County Fairground in Anoka Mn is Now Closed. Our Anoka Firework Store is open beginning of June until July 5th.

You can buy fireworks all year round, we are a year round fireworks store and cater by appointment during OFF SEASON. Catering to the firework lover who is in need of many types of fireworks. Maybe that wedding party who may need certain items such as sparklers and or party poppers.

Our Products

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Quality Fountains

Fountains that emit showers to that spitfire silver spark with impressive crackle. Multiple types with whistles and screeches. We also have small to large fountains that are stunning and unique.

Assorted Fireworks

Assortment Packages

Depending on the assortment package included can be fountains, morning glories, sparklers, snakes, glow worms, snaps, smoke items, crackling items, poppers and more options.

Firework novelties

Unique Novelty Items

Novelty items such as sparklers, morning glories, snakes, glow worms, smoke bombs, noisemakers, small to large crackle balls, party poppers, snappers, drop pops and the list goes on.

NOTICE: Knowing the law pertaining to fireworks in your city and or county in Minnesota including noise ordinances and acceptable areas for fireworks use is very important. Check local and state laws before enjoying your Minnesota fireworks.